Tear Drop Trailers and My Story

Teardrop Trailers
Teardrop campers are what I think of as the babies in the world of towable campers because they are small which makes them ideal for one or two people who want to enjoy camping without having to have a large towing vehicle; who want to camper13use as little extra fuel as possible when pulling their camper; who don’t want to spend a lot of time on setup and takedown; are looking for an economical camper, and who don’t mind a cozy camper interior. Teardrop campers were a camper that was practical, stylish, and aerodynamic before that term became a big buzzword in the automobile manufacturing industry. Teardrop campers were popular in the 1930-40?s and have recently been regaining popularity. Teardrop camper trailers are attractive, economical, affordable, versatile and a whole lot of fun.


A teardrop trailer is generally small, ranging from 4 to 6 feet in width and 8 to 10 feet in length. They have a distinctive curved shape to them; much like a teardrop that is tipped on it’s side. Teardrop trailers are ultra-compact camping trailers light enough to be towed by just about any car. Teardrop trailers tend to have lighting and other electrical power supplied by battery, although some have mains power hookups like regular travel trailers. Teardrop Camper Trailers may be fitted with two (2) doors. Teardrop trailers are quite light, weighing in at approximately 1000 pounds (450 kg). Many teardrops have a full kitchen in the back. Optional accessories such as tail mounted swing-out gas grills, custom fitted tents, payload platforms, and bike and roof racks allow you to customize your teardrop camper trailer to suit your needs.


Plans are relatively inexpensive and sometimes free, and there are many online resources for parts you will need. When you think about how to make you own tear drop camper, getting the plans and finishing the project, you see that it is not that difficult and even you cam do the job. Originally, magazines such as Mechanics Illustrated, published plans in the mid 1930s. Here are scans of many of the old how-to-build a teardrop trailer plans and magazine articles. Camper and Travel Trailer plans for the. Our plans are the best in the world and will get you well on your way to building your dream teardrop. Major Modifications to the Kuffel Creek Plans The Kuffel Creek plans call for a 4×8 foot trailer built on a bolt-together utility trailer from Harbor Freight. I am working on a set of generic building plans that you can apply to most of the designs here.

camper1(1)If you think you want to purchase and restore a teardrop camper yourself, it can be a fun and rewarding task but don’t think it’s going to save you tons of money because it probably won’t. Whether you decide to buy new, buy used, build, or restore a teardrop camper, it will likely mean lots of fun as you take your camper on outdoor adventures. With a teardrop camper you can spend lots of time enjoying the great outdoors, but then getting away from the elements and hard ground when it’s time to sleep by getting cozy in the sleeping area of your teardrop camper. Discover the fun and excitement of owning a Silver Shadow Teardrop Camper Trailer.

My Trailer and Story

Here is my story of why I built the trailer I did. I had seen the show about the teardrops and tiny trailers on televison so I decided to do some research myself. I had built a couple of houses and I thought I could do this. So I got on the web and started looking at other teardrops and tiny campers. I came to the conclusion that my wife and I were going to need a little more room the what a teardrop would offer. So I found a plan for the compact camper and I hadn’t seen many of them built.

I already had a utility trailer but it was only 4′ x 8′ and I wanted to build a bigger one maybe 5′ x 10′. So what I ended up doing is extending the tongue by 2′ and made the floor of the camper to hang over the side by 6″ on each side and 2′ in the camper21front. The actual size is 64″ x 120″. The reason for 64″ is with a 2″ wall that would give me 60″ inside the same width as a queen size bed. Also the mirrors on my ford ranger were 64″ wide and I wouldn’t need any extra mirrors. The bed is the actual size as a queen bed which is 60″ x 80″ and is very comfortable. There is storage under the bed with leg room for a table in the middle. There are cabinets in the rear of the camper, a sink and even a storage area for a portable toilet.

The weight ended up being heavier then I wanted but it still pulls fine. The weight ended up being 2100 lbs fully loaded ready to go. I did have a little problem because I had a 2000 lb axle on my utility trailer so I ended up buying another one to increase it to 3500 lbs. I also changed the tires, they are taller and have a higher weight rating. I also made the camper to lift off the trailer so I could use the utility trailer if I wanted to.

camper22The one nice thing about this camper is that it has some standing room. The top lifts up and back to give us an extra 20″ of head room. In front where the bed is the total height is 60″ but in the back where it pops up its 80″. We can stand to get dressed and move around easier. My reason for building a small camper is the cost of a new one and I wouldn’t have to by a new vehicle to pull a bigger one with. It is insulated so it’s quieter then a tent or a tent camper. I look at it this way, you spend most of your time outdoors so all you need is a place to sleep and get dressed. We still do all cooking and eating outdoors but we can do it inside the camper if we had to. Enjoy the pictures.

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